Route Grike Cottage - Sawdust Lonnin - Anglers Hotel site - Bowness Knott
Area Ennerdale
Type Footpath
Legal Users Pedestrians
General Condition Poor
Legal Condition 'Out of Repair'
Surface Condition Sections are very wet and muddy, the rest is just continuing to deteriorate
A lot of this path either side of the Anglers Hotel site was suitable for wheelchair users - not anymore
LDNPA Planned Action LDNPA have been talking about improving the section down Sawdust Lonnin since 1987
North West Water [now United Utilities] recognized the revetment was in 'a state of neglect' in 1980 and claimed (correctly) it would need reinstated - they have done nothing with it since. United Utilities replaced the weir at the river in the late 1990's, did they raise the height of the lake? It certainly looks like it; the LDNPA have not checked that United Utilities complied with the planning permission given.

Bowness Knott

Anglers Hotel site
The National Trust put a bridge across this beck in early 2006 so you no longer need to get your feet wet.

Sawdust Lonnin junction
This section was improved in spring 2006, the LDNPA have had plans for this work since 1987.