Route Whins Farm - Floutern Tarn (Jn 243008)
Area Ennerdale
Type Bridleway
Legal Users Pedestrians - Horses - Horse Riders - Cyclists
General Condition Poor
Legal Condition Obstructed and 'Out of Repair'
Surface Condition Wet, Muddy and Overgrown. From Floutern Tarn to either Loweswater (Jn 243008) or Buttermere (Jct 243010) is very poor through a bog
Advice Useable if you tresspass on adjacent land
LDNPA Planned Action None

After years of neglect of this bridleway the two southern spurs near Whins Farm have finally been cleared of over-growing vegetation, we can once more see what we are walking on. Unfortunately the LDNPA have neglected this route for decades, in 2005 they even assured the Ramblers Association that the overhanging vegetation would be removed in 2005, but this like all their assurances came to nothing.

The over-growing vegetation was only removed with the threat of legal action to get it removed. It will probably require legal action to get the rest of the problems resolved, the surface put in a fit state of repair and the other obstructions removed.

2006: Up the south-eastern spur to the first gate

Back down the western spur to Whins Farm

Walking up the Bridleway towards Floutern Tarn, from the first gate

The Bridleway now gets a bit worse so everyone trespasses on to the adjoining field ...

 The bridleway changes number at the Parish boundary to BW 243008, and heads down in to Mosedale.