Route Friar Gill - River Calder - Town Bank - Worm Gill (Skalderskew Wood)
Area Kinniside
Type Bridleway
Legal Users Pedestrians - Horses - Horse Riders - Cyclists
General Condition Poor
Legal Condition Obstructed and 'Out of Repair'
Surface Condition Obstructed at Friar Gill and Worm Gill. Wet and boggy in various sections
Advice Cross Worm Gill where you can, if you can
LDNPA Planned Action None

Friar Gill on Cold Fell Road

River Calder

Junction for Thornholme (BW 407014) here

For Iron Crag (BW 407013) continue alnog the well defined track.
This main bridleway turns right here at the cairn for Skalderskew Wood across Worm Gill

Both the stepping stones and the ford have gone. The river is at least 3 feet deep with no obvious easy alternative way to cross it, unless you go back to Thornholme.

If you do manage to cross the river you may encounter further difficulties on the bridleway through Skalderskew Wood