Route Grike Cottage - Ennerdale Mill - Crag House Farm
Ben Gill - Ennerdale Water (Jct 407024)
Area Ennerdale
Type Footpath
Legal Users Pedestrians
General Condition Poor
Legal Condition OK
Surface Condition A bit wet and muddy at Ennerdale Mill
LDNPA Planned Action None

Grike Cottage

This is as far as you can go along this Public Right of Way; the LDNPA decided to delete a section of the path thus putting a 150 metre gap in this the Coast to Coast route. The result is that you no longer have a legal route to Ennerdale Water along this path. This problem has been identified by the LDNPA themselves but to date they have seen no evidence that they have it, the problem has only been there since 1992. If the LDNPA have fixed the problem the documentation is not publicly available.

You have no legal right to use the section of path shown in the next 5 pictures

The Public Right of Way starts up again here at Ben Gill and continues to Ennerdale Water