Route Sawdust Lonnin (Jct 407007) - Weir - Woundell Beck (Jct 407028)
Area Ennerdale
Type Footpath
Legal Users Pedestrians
General Condition Very Poor
Legal Condition Obstructed and 'Out of Repair'
Surface Condition Sawdust Lonnin - Weir: 'Out of repair'. It is totally unusable, it has been destroyed by United Utilities; it used to be suitable for wheelchair users.
Anglers Crag - Woundell Beck: vast majority of route is either obstructed or 'out of repair'. The footpath everyone uses along the southern shore of Ennerdale Water is that of the National Trust. You will not be able to easily locate the legal line.
Advice Sawdust Lonnin - Weir: Use 407056
Weir - Anglers Crag - Woundell Beck: Use the National Trust path, the one that is visible on the ground.
LDNPA Planned Action None, LDNPA have been talking about the section between Sawdust Lonnin and Weir since 1991 - it is still 'Out of Repair'

According to both the Lake District National Park Authority and Cumbria County Council, this footpath is not obstructed and it is not 'out of repair'; it is usable at all time of the year

Sawdust Lonnin junction

River Ehen

Some contractors decided to further destroy the footpath by digging out the stream

Anglers Crag

According to the LDNPA and Cumbria County Council natural vegetation doesn't cause an obstruction

Red Beck

Now the route gets difficult to follow again. The LDNPA are claiming that the line of this path is wrong and has just "been a straight line drawn on the map, with no regard to what the base map showed, or what was on the ground". According to the LDNPA there is no evidence that it has ever been used as a path.

Let us look at this section again in the Autumn when it is a little easier to follow.
These reamins of buildings and platforms don't exist - not to the LDNPA anyway. The LDNPA have been managing the Rights of Way network for 50 years and they still have no idea what is on the ground

Now we can carry on over the wall...

We have to deviate off the definitive line towards the wall, we don't carry waders when we go for a walk

Instead of removing the wire fence obstructing the definitive line, the LDNPA decided to knock down more of our National Heritage; the dry-stone wall