Route Low Beck (Jct 407030) - High Beck - Wind Gap
Area Ennerdale
Type Footpath
Legal Users Pedestrians
General Condition Very Poor
Legal Condition Obstructed and 'Out of Repair'
Surface Condition Very Wet and Overgrown. The grass and moss covered logs and brashen really are a joy to walk over, also be careful of the hidden man-traps
Advice Use footpath 300m further east along forest track, its not brilliant but it is much better than this
LDNPA Planned Action Forestry cleared route in 2005, LDNPA are happy with it.

Leave the Low Beck path here

We have reached the Forest Track. Instead of clearing the definitive line the Forestry Commission have cleared the easiest line, both Cumbria County Council and the LDNPA have inspected this abysmal path and both are content that the correct line has been cleared (the LDNPA's GPS accurate to 1 metre tells them so) and they are happy with the surface quality of the path. 

If you look at your map, the definitive line continues at the same angle as the section of path you have just walked up. Enjoy your walk on the newly cleared, properly maintained path.