Route Sawdust Lonnin (Jct 407024) - Weir (Jct 407024)
Area Ennerdale
Type Footpath
Legal Users Pedestrians
General Condition Good
Legal Condition OK
Surface Condition Good Surface
The surface material used by the LDNPA in the construction of this path was supposed to 'complement the landscape', not be visible from miles around
LDNPA Planned Action None

All developments within the National Park are supposed to complement the landscape, however no planning conditions were imposed on the construction of this path but the material used was "agreed to our [the LDNPA's] satisfaction". This path is supposed to be dark grey, instead it is visible from 4 miles away.

English Nature provided advice on the creation of this path to the LDNPA, so I asked a very simple question: "Does the completed path complement the landscape?"
English Nature's response: "This is out-with the remit and professional expertise of English Nature"

Sawdust Lonnin