Bowness Knott - Black Sail Pass - Wasdale Head - Netherbeck - Haycock - Lingmell - Bowness Knott

Distance 19 miles
Ascent 1500 metres
Altitude (max/min) 700 metres / 60 metres
A hard route, off the beaten track with excellent views.

From Bowness Knott head up the valley, beyond the lake, beyond the forest, keep going to Black Sail Hut, then keep going some more you can't get lost; enjoy the splendour of eastern Ennerdale. You should be alongside the Rizer Liza, with moraines to the north, Great Gable straight ahead to the south east and Black Sail Pass awaiting. Cross the river and head up Black Sail Pass, this is a hard steep slog but well worth the effort, enjoy the views at the top of the pass looking in to both Ennerdale and Mosedale, you won't have much time to appreciate the scenery on the descent towards Wasdale Head.

From Wasdale Head you have to endure a tarmac stretch to Netherbeck, once past Netherbeck continue part way the hill  until you reach the bridleway sign on your right, it doesn't look promising but this is where you are going. The views towards Great Gable and the Scafell are at there best from this point. The bridleway rises gently following the course of Netherbeck until you reach Little Lad Crag, then it kicks. This section is tough but it is the last uphill section of the day, and takes you on to the ridge between Haycock and Scoat Fell. From here the views in to Wasdale aren't great but the views from the ridge down to Tewit How and Lingmell in to Ennerdale are as good as you will get, enjoy. Descend from the pass to Tewit How, stop and take in the scenery, have a look to your right now that you can, Pillar, Steeple, Mirkiln Cove. At Tewit How you will need to consult your map as the route of descent isn't clear on the ground, all this area is a SSSI so you must stick to the bridleway. Looking from Tewit How along Deep Gill you will see a stream that you have to intercept, if you look carefully you will see there is a big tree in it, this is approximately the right place, aim for this and you won't go far wrong. Once you reach the tree its then a simple matter of heading along the contour for Lingmell, then down the steep front to Woundell Beck. From here turn left heading toward the lake then, right to the Irish Bridge across the River Liza. You used to be able to have a refreshing swim here until the LDNPA allowed the Forestry Commission to fill the river in, now the only place for a dip is in the lake, in our drinking water. It's now a simple matter of heading west back to Bowness Knott. 

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