Wasdale Head - Burnmoor Tarn - Boot - Eskdale Green - Miterdale - Burnmoor Tarn - Wasdale Head
(alternative route from Miterdale - Irton Fell - Nether Wasdale - Wasdale Head)

Distance 15 miles 16 miles
Ascent 800 metres 840 metres
Altitude (max/min) 300 metres / 25 metres 300 metres / 25 metres
A nice gentle introduction to mountain biking in the Lake District National Park.

From Wasdale Head ride south and 100 metres past the School take the bridleway on your left to the National Trust campsite. Go across Lingmell Beck, past the campsite and bear left over the bridge up to Brackenclose and follow the gently rising track south for Burnmoor Tarn where the landscape open up to a big moor, with  a big Tarn. When you meet a junction before the Tarn you should bear left taking you passed the Tarn on the eastern side. Continue in a southerly direction gradually descending in to Eskdale at Boot. Ride through Boot to the cross-roads and go straight across to St.Catherines Church, where you meet the River Esk. Cross the river and turn right following the Esk down to Forge Bridge through a variety of woodland. If you fancy a dip at Forge Bridge there is a good pool beneath it. Anyway, turn right at Forge Bridge and ride up the road to Eskdale Green. As you ride up the hill you will notice the Outward Bound Centre on your right, continue up the hill until the road swings 90 degrees left in to the village proper, on your right you will see a track going behind the Outward Bound Centre, this is Giggle Alley, this is your route which will take you in to Miterdale, continue along this track until you meet the tarmac road. Now you have two options:

1 Miterdale - Miterdale Head - Burnmoor Tarn - Wasdale Head
This is the easiest route and keeps you off-road. Simply turn right and head for Miterdale Head, then keep going towards Burnmoor Tarn where you will join the track you were on when you approached Burnmoor Tarn earlier. Then it's just a matter of descending back to the valley floor.
2 Miterdale - Miterdale Forest - Irton Fell - Nether Wasdale - Wasdale Head
A bit harder, but there is only a tarmac route from Nether Wasdale to Wasdale Head.
Ignore the road and go straight ahead in a north-westerly direction in to Miterdale Forest, follow the track in this general direction up on to Irton Fell, try not to get distracted by the other forest tracks they go all over the place but not where you are heading. From Irton Fell you get quite a good view of the southern end of Wasdale, you should also be able to see Nether Wasdale which is straight ahead. Descend from Irton Fell, skirting Latterbarrow joining the road at Cinderdale Bridge. Cross the bridge and bear right towards Wast Water, it is now just a matter of riding back down the valley, unfortunately on the road but it will help loosen up your legs.

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